Hi there!

My name is Annie Mize, and I just quit my job.

In a nutshell, I’ve been a technology consultant for 5+ years. Over these years, I have worked as a project manager, testing manager, software implementation lead, data and business analyst, as well as a change consultant across business intelligence, data governance, tax asset management, and product planning engagements. 

Sound like I’m really accomplished and know my shit? I bet.

Through all those years, I always thought I was moving in the career direction I wanted. Looking back, yes. I was good at my job, for damn sure. But in the moment, I rarely, if ever, thought I was cut out for any of it. A huge part of me was so sure someone would realize that I’m actually just an impostor. I legitimately struggled with knowing my worth almost daily. Self-doubt has played a big role in my life.

Why am I sharing all of this in my INTRO, you ask?

Because I never, ever thought I’d have the courage to quit my secure job without something lined up. Never. Never. Never. Not once in a million years. Never.

I also never thought that other people deal with self-doubt and self-worth issues as much as I do. But it turns out, they do. Just no one talks about it. A friend helped me realize that most everyone in Corporate America secretly wants to quit their jobs. That most everyone in the world has dreams that they never pursued. But that they never move forward because of the uncertainty. Because they don’t know what the day-to-day of “hustling” would look like and that’s scary for them. 

I quit and you know what? I’m scared too. 

And so I’m writing. I’m writing for you – to help you see that you are not alone in your fears. 

But I’m also writing for myself. To hopefully be hit in the head with a large heart-shaped brick that will help me realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable. That it’s okay to not be perfect. That it’s okay to not have everything figured out. (Come to think of it, if a heart-shaped pillow could do the job, that would be great too.)

I really do appreciate you stopping by. I hope that following my journey  brings you many things. But if nothing else, I hope you get some peace in knowing that you’re not alone, some compassion in knowing that this girl is scared and hoping to get out of her own way, and some hope in knowing if I can do it, maybe, just maybe, you can too. 

With love,

I did it! I put in my notice!