Identity Crisis

Everyone keeps telling me that this loneliness that I’m experiencing is natural in a new city. And that it’s especially natural because during adulthood, the only way you meet people is at work and through your coworkers. I know they’re right, but I don’t have a job currently, so what do I do about that?

They say try Meetups. They … Continue Reading “Identity Crisis”

The Protector Meets Awesomeness

This is week twelve of living as the girl who quit her job. This ride hasn’t been easy. A lot that was once buried has come up throughout this time. I’ve dealt with a lot of loneliness, a lot of self-doubt, a lot of lack of motivation. I’ve had multiple domains/blogs/websites for weeks now; some I’ve had for months, and … Continue Reading “The Protector Meets Awesomeness”

Loneliness Hits Hard (and how to help)

Earlier this week, I tried using Adobe Illustrator for the first time in my life to take a stab at creating an illustration for my children’s book.

Truth Nugget: When I was a kid, I figured out how to make animated buddy icons on Photoshop for AOL Instant Messenger. To this day, I have no idea how I did it. … Continue Reading “Loneliness Hits Hard (and how to help)”

The Honeymoon Phase is Over

After a 30+ hour travel itinerary from the other side of the world, I finally arrived home. Like I mentioned in my post about Bali, I think I was traveling for more days than is good for the introvert for me, so honestly, I was SO relieved to finally be around some familiar routine again. The only downside is … Continue Reading “The Honeymoon Phase is Over”

The first few weeks of funemployment

And then there was that one day I woke up on a Monday, and I didn’t have to go to work. I also didn’t have to stress about getting work done for the day that I return from like vacation or something. I was IN THE CLEAR, people! It was weird. I mean, I guess I did this before between … Continue Reading “The first few weeks of funemployment”